Best One Ltd is fully committed to protect our workers at all work places where activities are undertaken. We ensure we have risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) being prepared and approved before work commences to ensure all hazards and associated risks are identified and control measured are deployed in to minimize the risks to acceptable level.

We ensure competence of all workers as per activity that they undertake to be sure that only workers undertake works that have been train to and have right competence and experience. We also conduct pre-placement, periodic and exit medical examination for our employees so as to monitor their health status for the betterment of the workers and for the company.

We also ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requires that we are obligated to comply locally and internationally.

We are also committed to ensure customer satisfaction by meeting and where possible exceeding customer expectations. We have dedicated work force that are motivated to understand the customer. 

We are also committed to protecting the environment by advocating “Green Business” we strive to reduce the carbon foot prints from our operations. We have identified our significant environmental aspects being   emission for exhaust flue gas from our vehicles and other machines, emission of Carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, emission of Ozone depleting gases (R22-Chlorodifluoromethane or difluoromonochloromethane) during refill and maintenance of our air conditioning, disposal of sewage, use of energy, use of natural resources, use of fossil fuels, disposal of wastes (including e-wastes), excavating and use of minerals eg. Sand and aggregates for construction purposes, spillage from our vehicles and other machines, vegetation clearance, excavation, noise, dust and vibration generation. Our organization is committed to ensuring all these significant environmental aspects are controlled and continuously monitored to ensure no adverse effects is posed to the environment.