Electrical Division will continue to provide cutting edge electrical solutions to customers and major clients in Tanzania. We’ve never forgotten our roots and who we are and we’re extremely proud of what we do – no job is too large or too small for us this is why HSE Policy and Procedure cut across all project, whether small or big the level of emphasis, commitment and resources remain the same.

Core Activities

Generator Installation

  1. Integrated Building System (IBS)for Voice, Data & VideoVDV
  2. Cabling design
  3. Installation and maintenance for commercial instructional, and residential buildings
  4. Installation of security system
  5. Transmission power line
  6. Backup and Solar System Installation

Solar Installation 

  1. Solar mounting structure (metalwork)
  2. Solar Panel Installation
  3. Solar pump controller installation
  4. Solar water pump installation (well drop cable)
  5. Solar lighting installation
  6. Solar inventor installation
  7. Solar security light installation (pole lighting)
  8. Installation testing