Telecom Division deals with both Active and Passive Telecommunications Works (Turnkey Solutions). Speed, Quality, Integrity and full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations have been the pillars of our business conduct since its establishment.

During 9-year activities we strived to deliver projects on time, within budget and to the required quality, while maintaining focus on continuous improvement as well as emphasizes more on innovations and inventions in what we do.

·   Site Built

               1.      Greenfield

    2.      Rooftop

    3.      IBS

    4.      Site Acquisition

    5.      Site Survey

    6.      Permitting

·            Co-Location

·           Power Integration

·            Tower Strengthening

·            Foundation Enhancement

·            Fiber Networking

1.     Excavation/Trenching work for Optical Fiber

2.     Optical Fiber Cable laying/blowing

3.     Fusion Splice/Termination

4.     Preventive/Corrective Maintenance of optical fiber networks

·            Telecom Passive Works

1.     BTS: - This is the abbreviation of Built to suit, whereby the Telecommunication tower is built from new/virgin land or area. The TSS (Technical Site Survey) is conducted to obtain all site information including soil investigation, then the construction works follow. Best One Limited has done more than 40 BTS sites.

2.     Tower Replacement: - By definition, this means, the construction of a new tower in the vicinity of the old tower in order to replace the old tower to it structural issues. This is normally done after PCS (Preconstruction Survey) which is done at the old tower in order to examine its structural stability. When the tower fails structurally, it’s then termed to be replaced. This scope also covers rooftop sites, whereby, some of the rooftop poles are supposed to be replaced by another Poles with larger sizes of rooftop mini-towers. Best One has done more than 10 sites of similar scope.

3.     Micro pile: - Micro pile solution means tower foundation enhancement solution which uses pile rods. TSS (Technical Site Survey) is done prior to execution in order to know site and soil conditions. Micropile solution is recommended for poor soil strata. During implementation, excavation is done to the foundation level, pile holes are then drilled and pile rods will then be inserted into the drilled holes. The rods will then enhance by cement/grout. Currently Best One Limited has done 3 sites of similar scope.

4.     Foundation Enhancement: - This is the method whereby, the foundation of the existing tower is enhanced by using either reinforced concrete, Hilti solution or Micropile solution. As well this is done after TSS. During implementation, foundation excavation will be done to the tower base where there is existing pile rods. The rebars will then be fixed through existing pile caps followed by shuttering and concrete casting. This process increases the weight to the tower’s foundation. This calculated weight will prevent the tower to overturn due to wind effect. Best One has done more than 20 sites with similar scope.

 5.     Site Relocation: -By definition, this is the construction of new site in order to relocated/shift the existing site due to political or Landlord issues. Site relocations are mainly done where the existing towers have been constructed to the road reserves and where Landlords terminates the contracts with tower owner. At these scenarios, the existing towers (GF/RT) are forced to be relocated/shifted from one area to another.

 6.     Rooftop Rectification: -This is the maintenance/rectification program which has been set by the Client (Tower Owners) in order to make sure Rooftop Poles/Towers are in a safe condition throughout. This involve tower/RT Pole maintenance, replacement, enhancement, strengthening as well as construction of new tower/RT Poles. Best One has done 18 sites of similar scope.

 7.     Collocation: - By definition, collocation means sharing. This is done whereby the tower will be used by more than one operator. Example, Tigo, Vodacom, Airtel, Halotel and smile will be made to use single infrastructure (Tower). Normally, all facilities i.e equipment sleepers, Poles, cable trays, Active equipment’s and cables are provided to operators for them to be able to use single infrastructure (Tower). Best One Limited has been involved to construct such facilities i.e. Equipment sleepers/slabs, cable trays, cables, rectifiers, DCDB’s and Installation of MW and GSM poles as part of collation scope.

 8.     Site Upgrades: - This means, upgrading of sites so that it can serve more people or upgrading the site so that it can accommodate more tenants. Upgrading scope involves adding MW or GSM poles, Rectifiers, DCDB’s, breakers on site so that the site can serve more tenant and customers. Best one has more has 100 sites with similar scope.

 9.      Site Reactivation/Improvement: - By definition, site reactivation/Improvement involves all site renovations so as to make the site in good condition. Site Reactivation includes removing of all unwanted materials/Equipment on site, construction of new equipment sleepers/slabs if required, new electrical installations as well as improvement of drainage systems and oversite aggregates. Best One has done more than 10 site with similar scope.

 10.  Tower Dismantling: - This means tower decommission or tower demolitioning. This scope applies to all surveyed towers and found to be not fit for use (Structurally failed). All these towers are supposed to be dismantled and recovered to Client’s warehouse as scraps. Best One has done more than 180 sites with similar scope.

 11.  Tower Strengthening: - This means increasing the strength of the tower/structure. This is done after PCS (Preconstruction Survey). During PCS, all tower issues are highlighted in the report. For major issues, the tower will be recommended to be dismantled but for minor issues, the tower will be recommended to be strengthened in order to make if strong and safer for use. During Tower Strengthening implementation, the can strengthening by replacing bolts, bracings (Horizontal & diagonals), Legs (Star legs) as well as foundation. Best One Limited has been involved in more than 50 towers with similar scope.

  • Telecom Active Works

                       1. RF & TX Installation, Commissioning, and Integration